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You’ve done a good job designing your place, but you have a few tricky obstacles standing between you and the perfect apartment. Maybe you think that these issues are unsolvable... but they just need a professional touch! We’ll come in to brainstorm solutions - and teach you a few other things along the way.


We’ll be your professional design consultants, available for whatever apartment needs you have. We can answer questions like:

  • What size of couch should I get?

  • What’s stopping my overall look from fitting together?

  • What colors work with my crazy purple carpet?

  • What do I do about that one weird corner space in the living room?

About This Package

We’ll come to you for an in-home consultation. Bring your list of specific questions and needs, and we’ll tackle them with you.

This package includes:

  • In-home consultation visit lasting one hour (more time can be added)

  • Exclusive eBook: The Loving Quarters Guide to Renter-Friendly Design


(Please note: this service does not include furniture selection, purchasing, or installation)


*This service is exclusive to Portland, OR* 

Why Us

We’re the apartment design experts

We started Loving Quarters because we believe that rental apartments are overlooked in the world of interior design. Renters need beautiful spaces too!


Our combination of formal design training, specialization in smaller spaces and knowledge of rental-friendly solutions gives us a unique skill set within our industry.


Other designers aren’t motivated to give love to apartment dwellers, but for us this is our passion.


What if I realize I need more help during your visit? Can I upgrade to the next package?

Yes! If you buy another service during the in-home consultation, we will credit 50% of your Advise fee towards that service.

Can I get furniture recommendations during the in-home visit?

Yes! We would love to guide you in terms of color, style, and size. However, for specific product selections, you must purchase our Design Package.

Will you consult on the entire apartment or only certain rooms?

This service is for the entire apartment, or as much as we can get to within the one hour time frame. If you want more than 1 hour, please contact us at and we would be happy to schedule that.

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