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How to Use the Vertical Space in Your Apartment

We love the current trend toward small space living. But we’ve found that lots of apartment renters aren’t sure how to make the most of their space!

This post will highlight some small apartment interior design ideas that you can employ to fully utilize your vertical space. These tips are easy to use, and they really make a difference!

Embrace the shelf

Interior designers LOVE shelves, and for good reason - they pack a lot of design potential into a very small footprint. Open shelving is quite popular in kitchens since it lets you show off your dishware. Don’t be afraid to go for a similar look in any room! Another great trend is the vertical bookshelf. It has a very striking visual effect, and it frees up your traditional bookshelf for other items.

Hang ‘em up

Install hooks in hallways, bedrooms, kitchens, and inside closets to get more practical use from your walls. Stick-on hooks, available everywhere from hardware stores to grocery stores, blend in with many walls and are completely safe for rentals. You can also put up hooks or racks on your walls to hold pots and pans, plates, etc. In a small apartment, this can be the best way to manage your kitchenware storage.

Light high

The tops of your freestanding furniture items are usually wasted space. Instead of letting them just accumulate dust, put lamps and other accent lighting on them! Bookcases, cabinets, and any other high furniture are all great options for adding lights. High lighting draws the eye upward, which makes your space feel bigger.

Raise your bed

The space underneath beds is great for storing clothes, shoes, or household materials. In a small bedroom, this is valuable real estate. Beds with built-in drawers are great for this too - but if your bed doesn’t have them, items can be placed in boxes and pushed under the bed. You can buy inexpensive bed risers to transform your existing bed into a new storage location.

Make a vertical garden

Having a small apartment doesn’t mean you can’t grow your favorite plants. Not only does a wall-mounted garden look cool, but it’s very practical for cooking herbs too! If you have a balcony, you can hang it there, or it can go on any wall that gets good natural light. This technique is especially popular with interior designers in our home city of Portland.

When you’re redecorating to save space in your apartment, vertical is the way to go. These tips are some of the best apartment interior design ideas for making the height of your space work for you. What do you think? If you have more ideas, you can share in the comment box below.


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