About Loving Quarters

We are an interior design company that specializes in renter-friendly interior design


Our Mission

To make living in rentals more

personal, functional, and stylish.

Meet The Team

Founded by two interior designers with a shared passion for apartments, Loving Quarters is a Portland-based company that works with renters to create exceptional spaces.


Meet Maura

Maura is….

Italian, inside and out

Versatile and multi-talented

Passionate about fashion & art

A lifelong traveler and a worldly eater

A proud wife and a mom to the sweetest little boy

Maura grew up in a small town near Milan, Italy as the youngest of 4 sisters. After receiving her Master’s Degree in Business Management, she moved to the US and worked in corporate finance for 8 years. But when she moved to Portland in 2017, she knew it was time for a change: she completed a Masters of Interior Design program and followed her dream of opening her own business.


As an interior designer, Maura focuses on her clients’ interests & lifestyle to create spaces that are beautifully original and functional. She believes in simple sophistication through clean lines and neutral color palettes, but she also loves using global elements inspired by her international adventures.


Meet Emma

A lover of modern art, dogs, korean rice bowls, and problem solving.


A natural team player (she’s a middle child).


A straight shooting, no beating around the bush kinda gal.


A former software marketing production and project manager (she likes to get sh*t done).


A graduate of Tufts University’s Bachelors in Art History and Heritage School of Interior Design Masters Program.


...And the co-founder of Loving Quarters.


Emma believes great design should be timeless, comfortable, and perfectly undone. She loves creating spaces for her clients that reflect their values and inspire them to live their best lives. A home should be personal ‒ Emma loves to mix patterns, textures, and colors to create a soft and inviting one-of-a-kind space for every client.


Why Work With Us

  • Everyone deserves to have a warm, inviting and loving place they call home. Our passion lies in making this possible, especially for renters.


  • So many are at a loss of where to begin, or mistakenly believe that only those with big budgets can hire interior designers. We believe that it’s important to make the most of life now, starting with where you live.


  • Because we specialize in interior design for renters, we’re up to date on renter policies and know how to work around typical rental challenges with affordable solutions.


  • We don’t just throw out ideas you can find online, or present the same trendy, cookie-cutter plans with every client - we create a unique design for you that is customized and reflects your style and vibe.


  • We work with your budget and make recommendations of where to spend wisely and so that if you move, you can take it with you.


  • And best of all, we work fast and in just a few weeks can create a home you won’t want to leave and are proud to invite others in to enjoy.

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