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Turn Your Rental into a Lovable Home

Don’t let the limitations of living in a rental prevent you from creating a truly unique and beautiful living space.


Transforming your rental into a warm and inviting place that you love to come home to can be a reality.


And the best part is, you can do it quickly and without wasting money or making investments in things you can’t take with you. 

Our Interior Design Services for Renters

​Whether you are renting an apartment or a home, I’ll work with you to make your space feel like home, no matter how temporary. My personalized interior design services include:

  • A customized interior design plan that captures your personal style and fits your budget

  • Interior design specific for renters with products that can move with you

  • Guidance on where to invest, where to save and how to prioritize your budget

  • Floor plans and layouts that maximize your space

  • Furniture selections

  • Small space optimization

  • Closet and storage solutions

  • Color consultation and paint recommendations

  • Window and floor coverings

  • Lighting options

  • Options for increasing privacy

  • Rental-friendly fixtures, finishes, and accessories

Life Transformations from our Clients

"I feel energized!"

Apartment Design Challenges We Fix

Do these sound familiar? I can help. Hover over each room to see how.

  • Having enough seating and room for entertaining

  • Finding the right size sofa  or sectional

  • Finding the appropriate coffee table and rug size 

  • Knowing where to put your TV

  • Lighting

  • Make it feel bigger

Living Room
Dining Room
  • Space planning for easily moving around and comfortable seating

  • Lighting

  • Bar setups

  • Maximized seating

  • Expandable tables and furniture options


Storage options

  • Disguising ugly elements

  • Maximizing counter space

  • Personalized options

  • Lighting

  • Styling

  • Storage options

  • Lighting

  • Bringing personalized style

  • Accessorizing

  • Hiding messes

  • Making it guest friendly



  • Lighting

  • Maximizing storage

  • Closet organization

  • Fitting the right size bed

  • Bedding options

  • Making it cozy



  • Making a good first impression

  • Storage options

  • Coat hanging solutions

  • Shoe storage

  • Landing spot for keys, bags, etc



  • Finding the perfect work space

  • Organization and storage

  • Privacy



  • Optimizing space

  • Outdoor furniture

  • Lighting

  • Prioritizing

  • Plants / potting

The LQ Process

My efficient process can have your quality of life enhanced with a fresh, comfortable and inviting living space in as little as 3 weeks. 


Free Consultation

Tell my about your needs

(in person or video chat). 100% free, zero obligation.


Custom Quote

I'll create a design proposal tailored to
your space.


We Design

Sit back and relax while we work our magic.


Live Your Best Life

You'll love being at home
in your stylish and
functional space.

Benefits of Hiring Interior Designers for Your Rental

  • Avoid the expensive pitfalls of DIY

  • Access to materials and accessories only available to designers

  • Eliminate decision paralysis and feeling overwhelmed in getting to your end vision

  • Achieve a professional design that is cohesive, flows and is Instagram-worthy

  • Maximized space that feels bigger

  • Focus your time on other important things in life

  • Enjoy being at home, inviting guests over and loving your quarters

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Some of My Interior Design Transformations 

Schedule Your Free Consultation Today

I welcome a variety of budgets and lifestyles

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