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12 Satisfying Decor Projects To Do While You’re Stuck At Home

Coronavirus has become a very real and serious threat, so experts are advising us to stay home and avoid exposure. Personally, I’m a homebody, so this is fine by me – but I’m sure that many of you might be having some trouble with the idea of social distancing. Either way, if you’re stuck at home, you’ll need something to pass the time.

That’s why this week we’re rounding up some suggestions of home decor projects that you can do while you’re confined to your house or apartment. These activities will help keep you busy AND make your space a more pleasant place to be stuck inside. Read on for some ideas!


Being trapped at home is a great reason to clean up your space and find the spots that need a little TLC. This may not sound like great fun to some of you, but once you get going it’s really very satisfying!

Some small projects you can do here are:

  • Repair holes in your walls. I really enjoy going around with some putty and patching up any holes/dents/scratches. It’s a quick repair that actually feels like you’re making a solid improvement in the space. Once that’s dried, you can also repaint any areas that need it.

  • Repair dents in your furniture. Same as above! But people seem to forget that nicks and scratches in your furniture are super simple to address. For white and neutral colors, we love soto paint touch up because it dries fast and you can order a free color chart for easy matching.

  • Declutter and organize. Yes, it’s spring cleaning time. I really do get the urge as the weather warms up to get rid of half of my personal belongings… and I think many people do too! Check out our blog post on reorganizing your space to get a bunch of tips.

  • Deep clean your house. And that includes washing things that don’t get washed all too often, pillows, throws, shower curtains, etc. With the current need to sanitize everything for virus prevention, you’ll feel good getting these items clean.

DIY Decor

There are sooo many small projects that are cheap and easy to pull off – they just need a bit of time. And right now that’s one thing you probably have! New cabinet handles or temporary vinyl flooring are just a few clicks away (and unlike respirator masks and TP, are still very much available from online retailers).

I won’t list out every DIY option here because we already have a guide that does that! At the moment, I’ve got a stick-on countertop that needs to be applied in a bathroom. I’ve been procrastinating, but it’s absolutely on my self-quarantine to-do list.


Ah yes, styling: the technical term for shuffling all your stuff around. But seriously, a little refresh to your presentation will reinvigorate the room – which is critical when you’re spending all day there.

  • Style shelves. Rotate items into/out of storage, or just reorder what’s on display. We usually recommend odd-numbered groupings for the most visual interest. If you sign up for our newsletter, you’ll receive a guide all about this!

  • Rehang art. Or in my case, just hang it! I finally got some pieces up yesterday that had been leaning against the wall for too long. Pro tip: The center of your art should be ~60 inches off the ground. We find that 9 out of 10 people hang their art too high, and it’s not a great look!

  • Change up your pillows. Try switching them around and mixing and matching to create new groups. The same thing with sheets – you can really shake things up by combining sheets from different sets.

  • Move furniture away from walls. This is another common “gotcha” in the biz. Folks like to keep furniture pushed alllll the way against the walls, thinking this will make the room look bigger. If this is you, try scooting all the pieces back at least 3-5” into the room. WAY better. Trust us.

Plant Care/Gardening

Now’s the ideal time to tend to your plants! They’ll provide some much-needed life while you’re trapped indoors – and they filter the air too, so show them some love.

  • Do some pruning. Your indoor plants probably need some dead bits trimmed off. I know mine do! Trimming them down now will really kick start their springtime growth. I recently found the fabulous YouTube channel My City Plants, which has taught me a lot about how it’s done.

  • Propagate. A ton of the popular house plant varieties can be propagated, which gets you another plant for the collection but also has a real fun science project feel to it as you watch the baby plant grow and mature.

  • Get in the yard. … if you’ve got one! It’s a great time to do some weeding, plan out any new additions for the season, etc.

Stay safe, everyone! I hope these tips help you pass some hours in a way that’s both fun and a positive investment in your living space.

And of course, we’re here for more help whenever you need us! Schedule a free consultation to discuss the design improvements we could make for your home. We work with remote clients all the time, so we’re 100% corona-proof.


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