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7 Useful Tips From Our Favorite Design Blogs

If you’ve ever checked out the LQ Blog before, you know that we love super practical tips. The reason we got into this game in the first place was to share our love for design that’s not just visually appealing, but also truly useful for regular life.

Many of the tricks of the trade we share on this blog were picked up between design school and client projects, but we also owe a lot to the other interior designers out there running awesome blogs and websites. So today we’re sharing some of our absolute favorite posts from these resources! These hacks, tips, and inspiring spaces have taught us a lot, and we hope they do the same for you...

Emily Henderson and team crank out quality content! This post and this post are both majorly helpful if you’re designing a home office.

The coolest space, every angle designed to perfection. Rental design goals!

Did you know that some design terms have racially exclusive origins? Bobby Berk (the hardest working member of the Fab 5 😉) explains how to adjust your lingo in support of social change.

Family photos are so nice in the home… but they don’t always look hip or stylish. Studio McGee has great advice to do it the right way.

So, did you find these tips as entertaining and essential as we do? Are there questions that you still want to see answered? Don’t be a stranger – get in touch through Instagram or right here on our website.


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