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You Would Probably Like to Hit the Wall with These Accent Designs in Your Home!

Photo by MaisonAime

A neat coat of paint can change a room’s vibe and makes staring at walls enjoyable. Your house walls are a symbol of protection and comfort. Something that draws a line between that comfort and the struggle.

These walls which give you so much need their due credit. So how do we do that? Interior accents designs! Applying the following designing techniques will add accents and color to your whole space interior.

Keep in mind, when designing your walls, you’re dressing them up, just like you do to yourself. It's all about the looks, the accessories, and the matching, just like a makeup artist does to a model.

Color Your Ceiling

You focus a lot on the four walls of your room and living room but forget the fifth one— the ceiling. Adding a pop of color that goes in contrast with your interior will give your place the accent it deserves. It would be something unique and worth looking at.

Pick the color that makes you feel comfortable and happy, the possibilities are endless! Something to notice is dark colors such as charcoal grays, navy hues, or chocolate-brown will “bring the ceiling down”, fooling the eye into thinking the room is smaller and more intimate. Add a chandelier for the “extra” compliment.

Pop Up Color to Your Powder Room

Adding an unusual color to your powder room wall where friends and family often visit is a great idea. It gives them a little something to look at and makes this room less boring.

It is an unexpected but artistic thing to do, so why not?

Design by Dabito

Add Accent to Hallway Doors

The hallway doors play a vital role and give off the first impression inside your home. The last thing you want is for them to look dull. Adding some rustic colors is a great idea to accent your house interior.

You can either go for a single rustic color or a mixture of vibrant colors to make them stand out.

Design by Adamsfamilyreno

Your Kitchen Cabinets

Anyone can think of adding fancy decor to their kitchen, but very few think of adding splashing colors to the kitchen cabinets.

So here you go with an amazing idea of coloring your kitchen walls in popping colors. Some dark colors can give it a cozy feel!

Add Vibrant Colors to Your Trims

Most of the houses have neutral colored house trims. They look normal and don't catch the

eye. But what would make an eye look again? Definitely adding a pop of color to the trims.

Using mustard, royal blue or even red in your house trims will add accent to the overall look. When they say the first impression is the last impression, they say it right.

Highlight focal points

Add accent to highlight the interior's focal points with some eye-catching colors. The wall behind your TV unit, the wall behind the dining table or behind your console table needs the accent color.

Pair this accent wall with other neutral color walls and a contrasting interior to complete the aesthetic look.

Starting from minimal designs to fancy one’s, we have got you covered! So are you giving life to your walls with these ideas?


Emma Medley
Emma Medley
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Emma Medley
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