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The 5 Home Products That Are Perfect For Every Space

*Disclosure: We only recommend products we would use ourselves and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that may earn us a small commission at no additional cost to you Read full privacy policy here.*

As interior designers, we work hard to create unique spaces that match the personal styles of their owners. However, we sometimes come across products that are such gems that we love them in just about every space. We recommend these go-to items to our clients, friends, family members… and now, you. Today we’re excited to let you in on some of our tried and true favorite products.

Minna Pillows & Textiles

Not only are these products BEAUTIFUL, but they are ethically sourced and owned/operated by a majority women and queer-female group. From their website:

“MINNA creates ethically made home goods rooted in traditional craft techniques. We believe that contemporary design should not sacrifice social responsibility, and that our homes should be a reflection of our values“

The products themselves are classic! They’re neutral without being boring, unique without being trendy – they really do fit in with just about every style of decor. So you can see why these come up time and time again when we’re considering textiles for a space.

You can buy Minna products from Burke Decor.

KAZI Baskets

The KAZI brand works with farmers, artisans, and craftspeople in rural Africa to create and sell these beautiful woven grass products. They’re not just baskets for storage, either – they’ve also got vases, bowls, and even a side table! Some of the products have simpler designs, but we can’t get enough of the bold colors and patterns like the example above. Between the versatility of these baskets and the ethical, sustainable focus of the company, we literally can’t praise these products highly enough.

You can buy KAZI products from Made Trade.

The Floyd Sofa

There are a lot of nice sofas out there, but this piece from Floyd Home is a true classic. The design is modern, but still soft and very liveable, so it fits in with a lot of different vibes. Its durability is seriously impressive – it can withstand a lot of wear and tear without a scratch, so it’s perfect for families or high-traffic environments. But without a doubt, the coolest feature is that it can be fully disassembled to make it easy to move to a new place. We believe that quality furniture is almost always worth the investment, but with this sofa you really do know that you’re getting many years of comfort and style.

You can buy the Floyd Sofa from Floyd Home.

Ikea Shoe Storage

This is more of a category than a product, but if you are looking for effective and affordable storage, this is the ultimate solution. All of these pieces are small, so they fit in tight spaces, but you can also purchase a few of them if you need to store more shoes. They’re not very flashy or trendy, but they’re neutral enough to blend into the decor of any room. And before you say that your sneaker collection isn’t that big, let me tell you that these pieces work great for clothes, socks, scarves, and really whatever you want.

You can buy this lovely storage from IKEA, of course! We love the STÄLL for smaller spaces since it’s super narrow, and I’ve personally used the BISSA as well and love the price point.

Luxe Sateen Sheets

No joke, the moment I bought these sheets I realized I never wanted to use my other sets. They’re so soft and silky, even over time. I run very hot when I’m sleeping, so I really appreciate the way that they disperse the heat. And for the quality you’re getting, I think that the price is very reasonable.

You can buy these sheets from Brooklinen.

Faux & Preserved Plants

We’re always game to sing the praises of fake plants – just read our other post if you don’t believe me! Gone are the days when a faux plant meant a waxy-looking plastic bush in a dentist’s office from the 80’s. These plants are actually cute and come in very hip pots that you can replant later if you’d like. If you do prefer the real deal but can’t deal with the upkeep, then check out the kokedoma preserved fern! It’s got a great look and is completely real, but since it’s preserved it will stay as is without any water or light.

You can buy these plants from The Sill.

Which Are Your Favorites?

By now, you can probably tell why these are our all-time top picks for home products. They’re all very cool, but also timeless. I can say that I proudly own almost all of these and couldn’t be happier. But what do YOU think? Tell us your thoughts about these products and vendors on Instagram. We’d love to know if you have any recommendations that we haven’t covered here – we may include them in a future post!


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