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Affordable Home Improvements You Can Make Today

Updated: May 18, 2019

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Want to refresh your home’s style on a budget? There are lots of ways to update your space without spending much - or any! - money. It just takes a some creativity and time. Read on for our suggestions!

Work with what you’ve got

By making a few smart changes, you can give your home a new look without buying anything at all. Here are some things to try:

Rearrange your furniture

When was the last time you changed the layout of your furniture? Make sure the floor plan of each room fits the key activities that you actually do there. Is your living room for watching TV, chatting with friends, or having dinner on the sofa? Double-check that your furniture is conveniently placed to support these needs.

Restyle your accessories

Think of your home as a series of vignettes – each shelf or corner is a small “scene” to style on its own. Your eye should naturally go from one vignette to the next as you look around a room.

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Do all these areas in your space work well independently and together? If not, time to restyle:

  1. Take all your small decorative items and put them together

  2. Group like things together, such as by color

  3. Decide where the vignettes will be (leave room between each)

  4. Add a few items from each group to each vignette - that way, you’ll end up with a consistent look across the space

It can take time to swap items around until it all looks just right. Have fun with it! The restyling process also reveals a few pieces that don’t fit with the rest. Selling or donating these items is a key part of refreshing your design.

Reworking what you already have is completely free… but it does take patience. If you’re low on time, you may want to spend a little money.

Bring in something new

A few small but strategic purchases can completely transform your space. Try these ideas to make a big difference quickly!

Change your hardware

From cabinet handles and drawer pulls to faucets and shower heads, there’s lots of small hardware in your home that’s easy to replace. These small but frequently used items can add up to a big change in your everyday life! And if you need to switch them back for any reason, it takes just a few minutes.

Change a light fixture

Lighting has a huge influence on mood, but it’s underutilized in most homes. The ideal setup has bright overhead lights for daytime use and smaller, warmer bulbs for a more relaxing atmosphere. If you’re missing either of those, consider adding lamps or changing light fixtures.

Remember: this isn’t just lamps with cords! Hardwired fixtures are easier to switch out than you might think (they can be pricey, though, so consider buying vintage). Many modern lighting designers are also using rechargeable batteries to free you from the nearest outlet.

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Window treatments

Another way to bring light into your space is via the windows. DIY curtain rods don’t take much more than a few screws! And it doesn’t end there - you can frost a window with film, add temporary shades, and much more.

Other small things

Everything we’ve listed so far involves a bit of installation. If you’re not looking for a project, you can buy throw pillows or area rugs to add a pop of color or contemporary flair. For a more organic style, plants are an awesome choice! Start with one or two that are easy to care for, and if those do well you can build a collection.

Those are our suggestions for quick, cheap design options! For more tips, make sure to follow us on Instagram: @LovingQuarters.


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