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Amazing Affordable Art for Renters

Updated: Mar 12, 2020

When it comes to the art in your home, it’s easy to feel uninspired. We all know that a home without art feels bleak and empty, but most of us have this ten-year-old collection of prints that don’t really fit with our current decor. Then we’re at a loss for how to upgrade because quality art is totally out of reach… right?

Actually, great art doesn’t need to be expensive! You won’t go wrong if you stick with pieces that have personal significance to you. Don’t worry about trends on Insta or what you feel you “should” have – just pick stuff that speaks to your soul. With me, for example, I’ve realized that all my favorite art is either colorful abstract, collage/mixed media, or portraits of cats. Let your art be a celebration of your unique taste!

Below are some ideas for art pieces that are affordable, beautiful, renter-friendly, and just plain fun. If you find them useful, we’d love a shout-out on Instagram or in the comments below.

Downloadable Art

Did you know that there’s art online that you can buy and download right now? It’s fast (as in, instant), super low cost, and you can print (and reprint) it yourself any way you want.

Affordable Art and Prints

There are tons of online art creators/sellers/studios out there. Here are some of our favorites that are high quality but still super affordable! You can use your own frame or get creative with cheap frameless hanging.

Framed Artwork

You can buy pre-framed pieces that’ll ship quickly and get you that full-on gallery feel, fast. Who doesn’t love a one-stop-shop? And they’re typically less expensive than buying a print separately and taking it to a framer.

More Art & Decor Ideas

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