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The Design Advantages of Apartment Living

Updated: May 18, 2019

Some people see apartments as where you live before “graduating” to a house. However, there are lots of advantages to apartment living! Not only do they come with benefits like safety, amenities, and maintenance, but you can achieve some amazing designs with them that simply aren’t possible in a comparable house.

This post breaks down how apartments can be superior for design. As you’ll see, it comes down to a principle that we live by here at Loving Quarters: quality over quantity.

One Cohesive Design

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It can be tough to create a design that maintains a single aesthetic the whole way through. But it’s a lot easier to do in an apartment! Many houses have an “extra room” (or several) that’s basically dead space. If you hardly ever use it, it’ll probably stay half-furnished forever.

Often, an apartment only has one route from one end to the other. You can pay close attention to this flow and carefully design it so there’s something to catch the eye every few steps. When guests come over, you’ll be begging to give them “The Tour!”

Easy Updates

If you’re in the mood to refresh your home’s style, this is also far easier in an apartment. Switching out throw pillows, accents, or rugs makes a much bigger impact in a smaller space, so you don’t have to feel quite as committed to the design you choose. Even if you replaced EVERY piece of furniture it’d be less damage than the same thing in a house.

Apartments are also great for seasonal decor - for example, you can have one box of Christmas items that will make your place festive within an hour or two. In a multi-level house, you’d still be debating whether you need a second tree for upstairs!

Less Room for Clutter

Here at LQ, we hate clutter. That’s one reason our business focuses on apartments: there just isn’t space to fill up with useless stuff.

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With fewer total rooms to furnish, you won’t end up with two (or more) of the same decor items. And if you want to buy something new, something old has to go! In our opinion, this is a very healthy process - the interior design circle of life.

Creativity Is Welcome

Small apartments are design puzzles waiting to be solved. It definitely takes creativity to maximize your storage and optimize your day-to-day life in these spaces. It may be convenient to buy a whole furniture set from a warehouse store, but chances are you need different sizes than they offer. We say, embrace the challenge and make your apartment uniquely you! Like so many things in life, the more you put into your space, the more you’ll get out of it.

For all these reasons and more, we think apartments encourage truly killer design. What do you think? Let us know below or on Instagram. And for more design tips, make sure to check out our other blog posts!


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