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3 Home Design Strategies for a Happy Life

Updated: May 18, 2019

We prioritize happiness and well-being (among other things) when we make choices in life, from our food to clothes to relationships. But sometimes, we make a thousand small decisions without knowing how they’ll work together. This happens all the time with homes! Your space is made up of things you’ve chosen over time - but do they add up to represent you and meet your needs? As interior designers, we spend lots of time on the details so they’ll come together as a home optimized for happiness. Here’s how to bring that philosophy into your own space.

Form, Function, and Feeling

Many times, we choose furniture because it works. And if a piece is the right size, color, or price, that’s great! But to design for happiness, you need more than just a functional fit. You need items that you love to look at because they truly appeal to your style. Check out furniture in various colors and materials, and pay attention to how you feel. You’ll start to notice certain pieces that resonate more, even a few that speak straight to your soul. These feelings are just as important as the aesthetic of your design, so don’t ignore them when making your selections.

Design to Energize

Your home should be your sanctuary, the place you feel most confident and free. By strategically placing items that make you happy, you can design your space to give you little boosts of energy as you go through your day. An easy example: try hanging your favorite piece of art by the front door. If you love it, you’ll smile when you see, and that small shot of endorphins is undeniably motivating. In our culture, when you need excitement, beauty, and inspiration, you go on vacation. But you can bring that inspiration home and wake up every day with that same vacation feeling.

Engineer Your Mood

While some people want to be constantly re-energized, others just want to relax. Most of us need both, and then some: focus when we’re working or creativity for our hobbies. This is where interior design can bring massive benefits! Color, shapes, textures, and light can have a huge influence on your mood. These are particularly powerful tools when combined with your tastes and your lifestyle. When a space is fine-tuned for your daily routine, you get what you want: the soothing oasis for your shower and invigorating salon for your coffee. Or the other way around, it’s your life!

When designing your home, follow your feelings. Fill your space with items that excite you and lift you up towards being your best. But very importantly, don’t overfill it! What you take away when redecorating can be just as important as what you add. As you’re choosing your favorite decor, think about how it will enhance the flow of your daily life. If you’re trying to read more, will this new chair call out to you to sit in it with a book? If you can ‘hack’ your routine with effective design, you’re well on your way to a happier life.


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