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How to Decorate When You’ve Got White Walls

Design by Loving Quarters

Ahhh yes, white walls. Sometimes they’re beautifully crisp and clean, sometimes they’re more reminiscent of an insane asylum. Really, they’re a blank canvas! The vibe of the room COMPLETELY changes depending on what you do with them.

In this short guide, we’re giving you some key tips and strategies for making your space shine. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a rental apartment that you’re not allowed to paint, or if you just love that pure white look – we’ve got decorating ideas for you.

White as a Color

There are a few basic truths when it comes to white paint. Here’s what you need to know:

  • It needs natural light. Brightness is what makes a white room lovely and cheerful (and not like an institution). Our rule is: if you need lights on during the day, there’s not enough natural light. Adding mirrors and warm-toned lamps can help!

  • It reflects. White walls will bounce light all around the space from the windows to the corners. This will highlight the architectural details of the room, which is great... if you actually like those details.

  • It brings the outside in. The reflectiveness of white paint will make it “take on” the colors from the outdoors. If you have a big tree nearby, things may get greenish! If this is not desirable, you might want to go with a gray or beige.

  • It can get sterile. A white room with glass and metallic accents is where experiments happen in sci-fi movies. Make sure to decorate with some texture to add some earthiness back to the space (more on this below).

Now that you know the basic properties of the color white, let’s get to some decorating tips and tricks!

What Matches With White Walls

  • Contrast: You can go for some bold, vibrant decor without risking “color overload.”

  • Modern Neutrals: Try adding neutral colors and modern furniture with clean lines to achieve a refreshing, peaceful feeling.

  • Artsy Details: Go big and showcase spectacular accessories like one-of-a-kind artwork, light fixtures, or luxurious rugs. That’s why white walls are the preferred choice for art galleries!

  • The Beachy Look: If you like an “at the beach” vibe, you’re in luck! A clean, white wall paired with turquoise accents will get you there.

  • Natural Tones/Textures: Don’t be afraid to rough things up by adding bamboo, wood, or stone to the space. Balanced with the white, it gives you a contemporary look while adding some soothing organics to the mix.

If you follow these suggestions, you’ll consistently get a white room that’s calming and bright. But of course, there are as many other options as your creativity will permit! We’d love to hear your ideas on our Instagram page.

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