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Our 7 Favorite Home Decor Stores in Portland

As interior designers, we get asked a lot about our favorite stores that sell home decor. This came up just last week when a friend was visiting Portland and wanted to see some of the hippest stores out there. We ended up touring every one of them! Portland is a city with lots of cool home stores, but these are our top 7 for the moment. And if you’re not in Oregon, don’t worry... most of these have online shops too! Read on for details, links, and more.

This chair is from Midnight Sunlight, while both art pieces are from Lounge Lizard.


Midnight Sunlight

This shop’s got mid-century furniture, lighting, art, accessories, and more. I’ve personally bought several items from here, including a siiiiiick mushroom lamp that I got myself for my birthday. I love it so much. The owner constantly rotates the inventory, so it’s worth checking back often to find the latest gems. FYI, they recently moved from SE Portland to a new spot in the NW. Check them out on Instagram for their most recent inventory.


I adore Urbanite. It’s a collection of different boutiques (over 40!) under one roof, and while that might sound like chaos, it’s displayed in a very cohesive way that feels like you’re in one giant store. They literally have something for everyone here: all decor styles, furniture, plants, clothes, paper products, textiles, lighting… you get it, everything. The inventory is constantly changing here as well, so there’s always a reason to stop by. If you’re looking to furnish your home here, I recommend going in with a plan so your head doesn’t start spinning immediately from all the amazing options! Unfortunately for those who don't live in PDX, shopping IRL is the way to go with this store. Buuuut you can peek a small sliver of their inventory over on their Instagram.

Lounge Lizard

If you love mid-century lighting and furniture, this store is for YOU. They have amazing light fixtures (I’ve bought a few), but so many other pieces too. I can say firsthand that the prices are pretty affordable and the customer service is top-notch. If you buy a light fixture, they’ll make any adjustments that you need, like shortening the cord or switching the wiring from hardwired to plug-in. I’ve found art, lighting, chairs, and more here that is currently in my home. Couldn’t be happier with all of it. Like Urbanite, this store is really meant for in-person visits but they do have an Instagram.


Schoolhouse Electric

Schoolhouse Electric has grown over the years to a huge nationwide presence, but it’s headquartered in Portland and the vibe fits the city SO well. They’re known for their vintage-inspired hardware and lighting, but they have way more to offer. I always love visiting the Portland store because it has a great atmosphere and is styled to perfection. It has a cafe at the front and their warehouse is attached as well. In design school we had a lot of fun touring the back to see the detail put into each piece. Beware: when visiting this store you may feel the overwhelming urge to redesign your entire space. The aesthetic is just that on point. Check out their website to shop and their Instagram for inspo.


Spartan is one of Portland’s most famous stores, for good reason. This store is curated with painstaking precision, making it feel like an art gallery more than a retail spot. I would describe the style as eclectic minimalism. Prices tend to be high, but the quality is phenomenal. Every piece is so so so cool and could be the focal point of a room. They mostly sell home decor, fine art, and utensils, but there are other little surprises to be found. Definitely worth a look-see if you’re in town, but you can also shop online and view their products on their Instagram.


Canoe is a really beautiful store that offers timeless products for all aspects of your life: they’ve got you covered from grooming products to furniture to jewelry to everything in between. The aesthetic is clean and functional, but don’t confuse that with boring. In my experience, this store speaks to men and women equally, which makes for fun shopping for anyone. For those who prefer online shopping, you're in luck. Check out their website (where they even offer the option of creating a registry) and their Instagram.


This is one of my personal favorite stores. It’s small but SO MUCH FUN! As someone who loves bright colors and modern silhouettes, this is my jam. They have tons of cute home decor products, plus a lot of smaller stuff that makes for great gifts. It’s definitely one of my go-to local stores when I need a present for somebody (I love that they offer free in-store pickup). The good news is this can be your go-to shop too! They offer shopping through their website and I recommend following their Instagram for updates on products and sales.

So that’s the list! These 7 stores cover a wide array of styles and price points, so I’m willing to bet you’ll find something to love. I’ve been a very happy customer at each one of these shops, so whether you’re a Portland local or just here for a visit, I absolutely recommend that you check them out.

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