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The 5 Biggest Misconceptions About Rental Interior Design

Rent or own? It’s the eternal question. As we’ve discussed before, the answer can vary – but there’s still sometimes a stigma around living in a rental. Renters are considered to be “homeowners in training” who haven’t gotten it together to drop that down payment.

But of course, this is nonsense. We started LQ because, whether you’re renting or not, you deserve a home that feels like... home! In this post, we’re answering the five biggest misconceptions that we’ve heard about interior design for renters.

Design by Loving Quarters

Interior design isn’t right for a temporary apartment.

Untrue! Interior designers have many tricks of the trade, and many – in fact, most – of them don’t involve knocking down walls. There are solutions for every budget too! So you won’t have to make any huge investment that can never be taken back.

These days, there are a ton of products that can temporarily change up elements of your space, like your kitchen countertop or bathroom tile. We have lots of ideas in our blog posts for renter-friendly design solutions like these! We love them because they can be removed when you move out, or even taken with you to your next place. 100% renter approved.

My landlord won’t let me redesign.

Every design project has constraints! You can revamp your rental while following even the strictest apartment rules. We completed one project where the client wasn’t allowed to make ANY holes in the walls… made it work. On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve done large-scale installation of fixtures in rentals where the lease allowed it.

One major tip: don’t make any assumptions! If you ask nicely, you’ll be surprised at what landlords are willing to allow. They may even split the cost with you!!! If you don’t ask, you won’t receive – so call ‘em up.

Design by Loving Quarters

I’ll need to buy a ton of stuff.

People think decorating = knick-knacks or a whole house worth of new furniture. But that's not the case! It's about form and function, or in other words, how to make the space work for you. With the right strategy, a little reorganization and a few key purchases will get you a TOTALLY updated feel

A designer will push their tastes on me.

Au contraire! A professional interior designer will learn your personal style and allow it to shine. In design school, we were taught that no matter how much you disagree aesthetically, the needs of the client come first.

It’s a waste of money / for the rich.

Actually, it’s a smart use of funds for a lot of people. Think about it! People spend money on what’s important to them personally. Some folks shell out big bucks on the finest foods, a nightly bar tab with friends, or a hobby that needs specialized equipment. What about those of us who cherish the time we spend at home? When you’re in your apartment for a large percentage of your life, investing in your comfort and pleasure is a very wise decision.

Design by Loving Quarters

Those are the biggest false impressions we’ve encountered! These ideas, and others like ‘em, lend the impression that renters don’t deserve to live the good life. And to us, that’s crazy! Don’t let anyone tell you that if you live in a rental apartment, you haven’t “made it” in some way. You can have a comfortable, beautiful, and functional space that makes even your homeowner friends jealous.

Want some inspiration for what’s possible for a renter? Check out our portfolio! We’re super proud of the apartment transformations we’ve achieved for our clients, and we hope that these examples encourage you to follow your own design dreams.


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